Facts AboutĀ HPV Infections in Men

Genital human papilloma virus, commonly known as HPV is a very popular sexually transmitted infection, affecting both men and women. Statistics show that approximately 90% of men and women get infected with this STI at some point in their life time, especially if they are sexually active.

However, the large number of the 250 recognized strains of HPV in men causes no signs, symptoms or illness and mostly the immune system works to completely destroy this infection without side effects. When it comes to the HPV infections in men, they are relatively lucky because the majority of serious HPV strains can result in cervical cancer and even death in women.

The Dangers of HPV Infections in Men

In most cases, men who get infected with human papilloma virus show no symptoms or signs. However, getting infected and showing no symptoms does not mean that you are not carrying one of its strains, which can result in cervical cancer in their partners (women). This means that you may have it and you are unaware about it. So, it is important to consider having regular checkups with your doctor every time you start a new relationship.

Luckily, genital HPV in men may seem not be that dangerous, but it can be very painful, unsightly and embarrassing if you get infected with one of its strains, which can lead to genital warts. Always remember that, every time you engage in sex intercourse with a new partner, you are literary having the same thing with partner(s) she has had before.

Symptoms of HPV Infections in Men

If you detect any abnormalities, including itchy growths or patches or even scaly in your genital organ, it is important to get checked out by your doctor immediately. HPV testing particularly for men is a simple procedure.

Genital warts usually appear in clusters, just like miniature cauliflowers. They are either small in size or rarely spread from the genitals across to the anus. Mostly, the area around the warts is painful and itchy. Therefore, if you get diagnosed with these genital warts, it is important you receive topical treatments, which relieve the symptoms until it passes.

Prevention of HPV Infection

As mentioned earlier, HPV in men does not show any signs and symptoms, so you may have it and just not know about it. Even if you have never experienced genital warts, but you have a strain of this infection that may lead to genital warts, or several other serious health conditions, such as cancer, may become dominant in your immune system. So, if you want to protect yourself from human papilloma virus, it is always important to practice safe sex and if you are already infected avoid spreading it to your partner.

To avoid getting infected with HPV, as a man, consider having safe sex. i.e. using a latex condom. A condom is the only way that you can use to avoid getting infected with or passing on HPV to your partner. Even if HPV in men is not dangerous, it is always important to get early treatment to avoid causing further health problems.

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